Create a tiny house for your kids




Create a tiny house with PlayWood!
A funny and easy to make solution, which your kids will surely appreciate.
This tiny house has many advantages: a functional structure, customizable on the basis of the available space and disassemblable in a round of Allen key when you will not need it aymore. A safe but modern shelter, thought for the little ones who are going to take an afternoon nap or read stories inside it. A special project able to stimulate creativity and manual skills. What are you waiting for? Choose the design you like the most and start building it.

How to built roof


Utilizzate la massima attenzione nel costruire e progettare un arredo per i vosti bambini,  accertavi che ogni sua parte sia stabile e ben fissata, che l’arredo sia assicurato ad una parete  e che i bambini non possano in alcun modo comprometterne la struttura.



Some examples of what they can inspire in your project with playwood.



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