KARYA - Desk 150

KARYA - desk



Size: 150 x 74 cm
Boards thickness: 18 mm

About this design

PlayWood round table, suitable for up to 5 people. Stable, robust and easily transportable. Use it during a workshop to gather groups of people or during an event as an elegant and distinctive table. Circle Karya is delivered flat-pack, it can be easily assembled in few minutes: legs and table top can be then separated without the use of specific tools and the desk can be quickly transported or stored.

Made of birch multilayer and covered by a durable waterproof and stain-proof paint, to last over time.

How to make it

Designed to be made with birch multilayer or MDF of 18 mm thickness. To make it you need a CNC router.

It is recommended to cover it with a water and stain resistant varnish to make it last longer.


Creative Commons attribution

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