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Beehives, Bobs & Blow-dries: PlayWood set up for the history of hairdressing exhibition

  • 27 March 2018
  • Expositions

We are at the Barnsley Civic, United Kingdom, where it has been officially launched Beehives, Bobs & Blow-dries, an exhibition that aims to illustrate the social, cultural and economic changes through the hairstyle industry, since 1950 to the present days.

Thanks to the collaboration between the well known hair-stylist Andrew Barton and the fashion & beauty advisor Donna Bevan, the hair-stylist job is explored and the central role of the beauty salon as pillars of the community: a fascinating multimedial and sensorial journey which explains how the hair fashion industry has been shaped by revolutionary and innovative techniques related to hair.

The use of exceptional materials such as archival photographs, modern and historical objects from collections of renowned international brands, shows how the hairdressing has a meaning of self-expression. 

The exhibition is organized in different sections, each one of which faces an historical phase that brought to the development of this art, starting from the postwar period. It’s easy to understand how complex it was to create a dynamic set up, able to show the exhibition materials in a coherent and logical way for the visitor. The exhibition curator, David Sinclair, explains us how this obstacle was overcame thanks to PlayWood: a modern, practical and modular solution which let them build a custom-made set of structures and displays, appropriate to enhance a specific object or picture. 

Personalized and innovative structures, perfectly coherent with this travelling exhibit which will develop in more stages around the world.
Once again, a clear example of PlayWood versatility which, thanks to the creative vision of the user, might represent the ideal solution.