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Bioaika: Bio-economics & a cleaner planet

  • 19 September 2017
  • Expositions

Realizing an innovative project it’s not easy and it has never been.
Innovative means to be against those rules and habits that too often make people distrustful.
One night, going home from work, I was wondering: why should people use our product (an object never seen before)? And, who are these people?
Once at home, I opened my computer and browse the web.
I found out that people attracted by innovative and “out of the ordinary” products are simply, people who see a great opportunity in every change.


Bioaika is an idea born in Finland that consists of a tour of concerts, events and initiatives all joining common themes: Science, Nature and Economy … or better, Bio-economics.
This itinerant project, organized at various stages, uses means of transport fueled with organic fuels and wants to make the community aware of the respect for nature and the environment: discoveries and innovations for environmental protection in the field of science are presented from time to time to the public.

Involving schools, Universities, and entire cities is trying to create a community of people aware and interested in doing something concrete about the environment. This great project has encompassed many smaller projects within it, enabling this initiative to develop 360 degrees on Finnish soil in a nearly “viral” form.

How to raise awareness?

This path enables you to know the themes of sustainable development and bio-economy for people over the age of 13, introducing key concepts and delivering wholly eco-sustainable products and services. A huge, incredibly equipped truck performs a predetermined route by touching many cities in Finland, giving everyone the opportunity to join and interact through the website from which it is also possible to take advantage of the particular services offered and / or buy the rare products contained in the catalog.

Among the most popular services, we find interesting “forestry education” courses that specifically address the dynamics of wood in an eco-sustainable economy, or training courses and information on the use of renewable resources already known and still unknown, in the end, training courses about the issues of bio-economy and its future impact in our society. Theoretical concepts are then picked up by products (as already mentioned) and these can be found on on-line catalogs of realities that collaborate with the initiative and that at every stage, take the opportunity to show them and encourage their use, making consumers, responsible consumers.

From words to facts.

PlayWood has married the project, proposing the assembly system as a minimum environmental impact solution: furnishings made with local materials, eliminating transport costs and logistics boundaries. This marriage has been welcomed and is a great example of how innovation, science and design can create great projects for a cleaner planet. All exhibitors are made using the PlayWood system, making it flexible and customizable as needed, during the course that Bioaika plays every day among the many events that take place every year thanks to this beautiful initiative.

Don’t wait, get inspired and join us by telling your own story with PlayWood!
We believe in the change as a rule in our daily life.
The home furniture we relax on, the style of clothes we wear, the music we listen to, foods we eat. Run into new challenges, explore unknown places, meet different people in order to open your mind.
Every week, we’ll gather examples of people who showed not to be afraid of change.