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Cafeteca Business Park: the new concept of Cafè in Brasov, Romania

  • 19 June 2018
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Cafeteca Business Park is a new concept of Café, as place which combines the pleasure of a great coffee with the modernity of a space design. Cafeteca is a franchise which manages three different Cafés in Brasov (Romania): the Business Park is located inside the ex tractor factory building of the city.

The idea comes from a group of designers with the desire to get involved and launch an innovative service, applying skills and competencies gained over the years in design field.
"We have always looked to the quality of our products and treated our customers as partners in our projects. What we do now is unique: we apply our design idea to a physical place of everyday life to highlight the usefulness of our products and their personality "says Laurentiu, the founder.

All the furniture of Business Park Café has been realized in birch plywood (18 mm thickness) finished with a colorless protective paint which adds brightness and makes the furniture’s surface extremely smooth. Tables, as well made of birch plywood, have been created through the high precision of a CNC cutting machine.

The design of the entire space comes from the collaboration between Cafeteca Business Park and Stwoodio, a local company that represents PlayWood in Romania. The idea of ​​using PlayWood connectors starts from the need to create bit a definitive and untouchable shape but to make the space adaptable to future events and initiatives.

This space, which represents a place of aggregation where furniture becomes an active part of a process of innovation of the "way of living", lets us understand how it is necessary nowadays to constantly review our ideas, by creating new paths and points of view.