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CreativaMente Kids: rediscovery of playing

  • 20 September 2018
  • Conference Event

Also this year, the Carispezia Foundation and the Municipality of Sarzana promote an exhibition dedicated to creativity and design called CreativaMente Kids, at the Casa della Salute Via Agostino Paci 1 in Sarzana.
A project created on the occasion of the "Festival Della Mente", a great cultural event that aims to deepen different aspects in the cultural field and to provide direct experiences on field.

Three intense days where both Italian and International speakers propose meetings, readings, shows, workshops and moments of cultural analysis, investigating the changes, the energies and the hopes of today's society, addressing a wide and intergenerational audience.
CreativaMente Kids through the work of designers, artists and illustrators, makes people discover the importance of playing and its functionality, as a learning methodology.

Games are seen as the first tool through which you can imagine, design and build new worlds, express your identity and imagine the future.
Giorgio Scaletti, creator and organizer of the project, during the preparation phase, developed his interest for PlayWood system as a furnishing solution for the exhibition space.

In the outdoor garden of the location, an installation that combines images, sounds and technology, has been created by Anna Resmini and Virginia Zini in collaboration with the students of the school-work alternation project of the Festival della Mente.
OSB panels and PlayWood connectors were the only two ingredients which allowed to create a modular and innovative exhibition that could change shape and place according to Giorgio's needs.

Functional and minimal in their designs, our display counters made possible to reduce set-up costs and installation timings: PlayWood has revealed itself as a winning solution and so became the Festival's technical sponsor.