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DesignCircus: Design? There is much more

  • 24 October 2017
  • Expositions

Realizing an innovative project it’s not easy and it has never been.
Innovative means to be against those rules and habits that too often make people distrustful.
One night, going home from work, I was wondering: why should people use our product (an object never seen before)? And, who are these people?
Once at home, I opened my computer and browse the web.
I found out that people attracted by innovative and “out of the ordinary” products are simply, people who see a great opportunity in every change.


DesignCircus is an event created to give a good emphasis on quality self-production.
The designers who are participating distinguish themselves by talent, professionalism, creativity and desire to get involved in an exclusive and stimulating environment.
A unique and open event which allows design lovers and curious to have an exclusive shopping experience by purchasing on-line products, among which unique pieces and first previews.

During the event, an innovative auction will take place and PlayWood cannot miss it!
Design combines with charity to improve the life of people and we will be there.
For this year’s Christmas edition, DesignCircus collaborates with the Milan-based Oncology Association of San Carlo Hospital, organizing an on-line charity auction where the designers will be able to sell their products on www.charitystars.com, donating 50% of the proceeds.

Our modular and innovative furniture are designed to simplify everyday life thanks to practicality and style.
So, with great enthusiasm, PlayWood is going to participate to the auction, by suggesting innovative and original designs.
Environment, economy and lifestyle, three areas where we try to trace a new way: we encourage materials re-cycling, we reduce transports costs thanks to delocalized production and we create open sharing projects, downloadable and modifiable.

Don’t wait, get inspired and join us by telling your own story with PlayWood!
We believe in change as a rule in our daily life.
The home furniture we relax on, the style of clothes we wear, the music we listen to, foods we eat. Run into new challenges, explore unknown places, meet different people in order to open your mind.
Every week, we’ll gather examples of people who showed not to be afraid of change.