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Do you want a successful store? PlayWood's advices to properly design your space

  • 20 February 2020
  • PopUp Shop

On several occasions, PlayWood has designed the setup or refurbishment of shops and retail spaces. Thanks to the experience gained, we have collected some simple tips to start a shop.

Everything starts at the entrance.
A relationship must be established between our shop and customers in the first 10 seconds of contact.
If in this "small" reception area we will be able to convey the right feelings, the customer will be more stimulated to buy one of our products. And if on that occasion he does not buy, he will be willing to come back later thanks to the excellent memory left by our store. 
When you furnish your shop, never underestimate this vital area!

Studies on consumer behaviors show one particular striking thing: 90% of customers tend to turn right once they entered a store.
For this reason it’s important to set up on this side what the Americans call the "power wall", or the wall of greatest impact where you will logically display new arrivals or best-selling products. 
Always keep in mind the rule "less is more", avoiding too complex and full areas.

The creation of a path within our store is essential to tempt customers. It’s strategic to create focal points that will attract people's attention. How many times did we enter a store to buy a specific product and come out with full bags? This was possible thanks to a carefully designed path that generates an effective user-experience. Eye-catching displays or focusing on technology: bright displays are trendy and dynamic, useful to communicate quickly and directly with the clients. Products should also be easy to reach and creatively displayed.
Always take into account the height of the displays and customize their design with care!

Haste can be a bad advisor, even in shopping. Once we have created a route, we will have to make sure that customers take their time to observe, evaluate and finally buy. An excellent idea to furnish a store is to create islands or focus points to provide the customers information about the products on sale: technical characteristics, origin, details of the supply chain or other. These areas will stimulate the customer to deepen their knowledge and find the most suitable product. 
Indications such as billboards or displays are functional to identify the presence of these structures.

As already mentioned, the shopping experience must be positive: the spaces must be designed in such a way that customers can pass through easily and clearly. Customer comfort first of all: a relaxed mind is more inclined to purchase!
Create a comfort area, armchairs and sofas to take a break while shopping.

When designing a shop it is important to derive two different steps, one dedicated to the entrance and one to the exit. This strategy is used to ensure that customers pass through our shop path from start to finish. If it is not possible to differentiate between entrance and exit, it is a good idea to set up the cash desk in an area far from the entrance. 
Leave time to the customers to enter our shop, feeling welcome.

Good luck and above all good enjoy designing!