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In your office, the break-out area is not (anymore) an optional

  • 17 July 2017
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According to a survey carried out in Europe, in average the 90% of employees thinks their workplace is a clear indicator of how they are valued by their company.
Among them, only 30% thinks that offices have been “designed for people”, while the remaning 70% of them is even ashamed by his workplace.
People are spending more time at work than at home: a link between private and work-life becoming more and more blurred.
Many Companies understand the importance of creating “break-out areas” and how it’s fundamental to have a well designed office.

Break-out area. What does it mean?
A break-out area is literally a space provided with comfort and services, separated from the usual working area and thought for employees or visitors.
A place where people can relax, have lunch, attend working meetings or welcome the guests.
Many small to medium Companies often see the break-out area as an unnecessary luxury.
On the contrary, providing employees with a break-out area to recharge the energies brings evident advantages in terms of productivity and performances.

How to create a state-of-the-art break-out area
First of all, it’s essential to furnish it with different types of seating, if there is enough space. Otherwise, you have to opt for modular solutions.
The space must be provided with chairs and tables: to eat lunch or make business meetings it’s better to use colorful and original furnishings. This will contribute to create a more comfortable and less strict environment.
Different solutions can be taken into consideration, to meet all the needs: for example, the usage of practical dividers to shape an area, which might result excellent if only provided of the proper furnishing.
Another essential element is represented by sound isolation.
Ensuring a detached area from the rest of the loud working life is mandatory to avoid complaints and tensions.
If then, we still have some space available, a small dining area where to prepare a coffee is definitely a great added value.
PlayWood has thought about it.
We have created a modular furniture collection to help you create the state-of-the-art break-out area.

So why do we need to create a break-out area?
Having a different perspective or being in a less formal environment, it can often stimulate the creative process and enable the exchange of ideas.
The way of working has significantly changed in the last few years and offices’ design has been turned upside down.
Workplace needede to evolve, to ensure the right balance between private and work-life.
Design and management have developed a new and more flexible approach, driven by the attention to details and the improvement of the environment mood.
An effective lounge area has all these characteristics.
In the end, we should remember that the market is fierce and extremely competitive: a team of employees, happy to be part of the Company and its environments, makes the productivity growing.