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Little excuses to spend time with her

  • 30 January 2017
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Today, I would like to tell you what happened few days ago. Checking the emails, we found one particularly surprising. We received furnishings pictures from Yugoro, a father who wrote us - "Thank you for having given me the chance to live an amazing day with Miyo, my beautiful daughter".
Yugoro asked his little Miyo to help him building new furnitures, bought for her new bedroom (or better, how she calls it, “my nest”).
In my opinion he had a great idea. Comfortably dressed and armed with paint brush and Allen key, they started to assemble pieces like in a puzzle, adding a touch of color which always makes things better, believe me.  


He described so in details how she contributed with joy in this activity, giving a lot of ideas and it goes without saying that this dad was fascinated by his little girl having fun at the end of her first project. But it couldn’t end so quickly, so Yugoro decided to take Miyo to the park.

Well, this dad thanked us, but we have to thank him for sharing his experience and giving us more joy in what we do every day.
Thank you Yugoro and Miyo.