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PlayWood and Syracuse’ University meet each other at Made Program

  • 17 April 2019
  • Conference Event

The Rosario Gagliardi Academy of Fine Arts in Syracuse is a University that stands as a point of intersection between design, art, crafts, tradition and local culture, thus creating an operating platform located in the south of our Country .

Made Program is a training project in which practice and critical theory are both fundamental elements, to design an imaginary journey that touches the golden age of the municipalities, the Renaissance and more recently, that design of “unitary art school” which in 1918 Bruno Paul had outlined thus laying the foundations for the Bauhaus style.

Made Program is a challenge for those who still believe in the value of culture in all its expressive and communicative forms.

PlayWood is part of this dynamic and creative context, as a technical partner in an Interior Architecture workshop held by the Designer Francesco Faccin which involved third year students of Design.

As part of this initiative, students had the opportunity to access our projects, think of a living space to furnish, design and build it using PlayWood connectors. They have created rooms dedicated to housing, with great imagination and ability.

A unique experience that thanks to the inventiveness of these young people has once again demonstrated how our product is versatile and modern.