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PlayWood & good moods* for a new concept store

  • 17 January 2018
  • PopUp Shop

Realizing an innovative project it’s not easy and it has never been.
Innovative means to be against those rules and habits that too often make people distrustful.
One night, going home from work, I was wondering: why should people use our product (an object never seen before)? And, who are these people?
Once at home, I opened my computer and browse the web.
I found out that people attracted by innovative and “out of the ordinary” products are simply, people who see a great opportunity in every change.

good moods*

Matching the most coherent furniture to the type of products sold, is an essential ingredient to start a successful business. Create the best atmosphere where to welcome your customers.
So, we went to Mülheim an der Ruhr, city located in North Rhine-Westphalia region, whose capital is Düsseldorf.
Here was born good moods*, a concept store which realizes customizable spherical luminaries of various sizes, available in 52 different colors for interior design.

A photo taken by Björn Stork

Present in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Italy good moods* creates its products in a sustainable and socially committed way, relying on the social institution Franz Sales House in Essen, Germany.
Lamps and lights are produced by employees of Franz Sales who are committed to enforce high quality standards in terms of materials and safety, offering high quality products.

“I discovered PlayWood on Instagram, while looking for ideas for my shop. I immediately fell in love with it. I loved the idea of being creative and free to build what I like thanks to the use of a simple connector“ – This is what Julian, the Store Manager, said about us.

A photo taken by Björn Stork
A photo taken by Björn Stork

The shop, modern and welcoming, is entirely furnished with modular PlayWood furniture, chosen for the typical essentiality of our design and for the functionality of our assembly system.
In this store, a destination for people willing to renovate their homes spaces, our furnishings have perfectly fit, becoming a real mean to express and inspire creativity.

A photo taken by Björn Stork

The cohesion of practicality and aesthetics have been successful features to meet the philosophy of this activity which, besides matching our concept, found us the perfect solution to satisfy their needs.
Once again an example of collaboration that arises from similar needs, with an excellent result.

A photo taken by Björn Stork

Don’t wait, get inspired and join us by telling your own story with PlayWood!
We believe in change as a rule in our daily life.
The home furniture we relax on, the style of clothes we wear, the music we listen to, foods we eat. Run into new challenges, explore unknown places, meet different people in order to open your mind.
Every Tuesday, we’ll gather examples of people who showed not to be afraid of change.

Discover our line of modular furniture designed for you!
Cheap, easy to assemble, practical to carry and fully customizable.
Apply the logos and graphics of your business and attract more customers.
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