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PlayWood: The DIY revolution

  • 26 July 2018
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Garden furniture built with wooden pallets, old pieces of furniture becoming modern but with a different use, plastic boxes and glass small jars becoming chandeliers or simple design objects.
DIY is much more than a mere hobby, it’s a way of living which dissociates itself from consumerism buy-use-throw away and lets you rediscover handcrafted art, by giving a proper value to objects and pieces of furniture. 

Pallet furniture idea

It’s time for a change: DIY has evolved

Nails, screws, glue, and toolbox. Projects to realize might be endless, but we always have to face the same issue which restricts our own creativity: where could I find the right tools and materials?
The trend of pallets furniture is now predominant, but how much commitment and effort are we compelled to employ to build an easy wooden garden bench? Or a wooden table for the terrace?
And once the summer leaves room for Autumn, where could we store these bulky pieces of furniture?
The technology and innovation advancing showed us that we can today answer all these questions and find proper solutions in our everyday life.

That’s why PlayWood: the modern and dynamic DIY

Modular, re-assemblable, easily transportable and cheap
In 2018 furniture trends where everything is temporary and destined to change, PlayWood arises: an innovative assembly system which replaces the most traditional methods used for furniture construction (set-ups, stands, pop-up shops or exhibition areas).

Building a Kios furniture Playwood

A joint made of Nylon fibers reinforced plastic which works as a clamp: it lets you link panels of any kind of material to create the most variegated pieces of furniture, from bookcases to storages, from benches to tables, from easels to working desks.
The connector perfectly adheres to the panels’ surface, no glue or adhesive needed, by giving you full freedom to create what you like.
Thanks to its practical sliding on the panels’ edge, once it’s fixed in the right position, you will be able to build different solutions on the basis of your needs or tastes.

How use PlayWood Connectors

Our connector is currently available in 3 different angles (and 6 colors) in order to satisfy even the most demanding needs and let you customize your own furniture: 

90° Connectors

Connectors to create squared shape structures such as shelves, indoor&outdoor benches, bookcases.
PlayWood connector 90° red

105° and 150° Connectors

Connectors to create hexagonal shape structures such as beehive shelves, living room tables, garden pieces of furniture.

PlayWood connectors 105° and 150°

The connector assembles panels of thickness between 15-19 mm, the most common range of dimensions available in stores dedicate to DIY, as Brico, Leroy Merlin or others. Furniture assembling has become a game...that’s the real innovation
Many brands are known for DIY, but PlayWood means a new concept of furniture, a new way of building them.
This revolution is represented by the assembly system, which thanks to a simple Allen Key is able to fix the panels in the proper position and give birth to modular pieces of furniture. Here explained how PlayWood simplicity transforms the DIY world into a game: on our website we offer projects to get inspired by, practical suggestions, case histories from the world and best practices collected over the years thanks to our established Community. 

Make your furniture with PlayWood

But PlayWood it’s not only DIY, it’s the starting point of a change of trend in the furniture world.
So why not to be part of it and give a creative added value while having fun?