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We are the space

  • 22 February 2017
  • Coworking Office

“We live the physical space as the emotions we feel every day”
Make Space (John Wiley & Sons, 2012)

You know.. we absorb and show what the environment tells us, influencing our lives and our work.
The first idea that comes up walking in many offices as we know, is that these are not places where people share ideas and work together but instead places where everyone works alone, keeping completely himself out from what is the outer space that surrounds.

“Like plants, the ideas need space, air and light to grow”
Make Space (John Wiley & Sons, 2012)

Luckily, many workplaces in the world are today reinterpreting the idea of space.
While I was surfing the net, one in particular catched my attention:
The Stanford University Institute of Design.
There, we can experience a close connection between environment, creativity and analytical approach, by implementing a fully new and inspiring work’s methodology, called “design thinking”.

Drawing and designing are key elements, successfully combined with engineering methods, artistic ideas, social science and business.
This method is then shared to stimulate cooperation and productivity, by organizing the students in working groups according to each individual characteristics.

The environment where these people work every day represents the glue that holds these elements together.
An environment able to give the opportunity to face the daily challenges as a team, and designed to foster and improve relationships.

Wide, open and colorful spaces, where you can easily take a break, walk, breathe fresh air and even have a look at the closest park.
It’s easy to understand the lesson we can learn from this school.
We have to create places according to what we believe in and not according to what we have to deal with.
We should learn to work together, by respecting each other and avoiding to isolate ourselves.
And, in the end, we should be happy about the place we live in and the job we daily do: that’s why the space surrounding us must reflect what we are.