Kids' wardrobe

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Are you looking for a kids' wardrobe? Do you wish to have a cheap but stylish solution? Would you like a modern and functional piece of furniture?

A DIY modular project realized in fir wood panels of thickness between 16 and 19 mm (¾” and ⅞”). PlayWood assembly system lets you unleash your creativity and build practical solutions to solve everyday needs.

PlayWood Projects Kids' wardrobe

To build this wardrobe you need:

2 fir layers boards 60 x 40 cm - 23,62” x 15,75”
2 fir layers boards 100 x 40 cm - 39,37” x 15,75”
1 wooden bar Ø2,8 cm H 100 cm - Ø1,10” H 39,37”
8 PlayWood connectors 90°
1 Allen key #5
It's easy to make this project, start designing yours!

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PlayWood Projects Kids' wardrobe - Step 1

The assembly is quicke and easy: firstly you have to build the bearing structure. Take the wooden boards and connect them one another using PlayWood connectors 90°. Afterwards you have to drill two holes on the sides, to insert the wooden bar in the main structure.

Easy and functional: few minutes of work and the kids' wardrobe is completed. Modern, modular and unique in its genre!

PlayWood Projects Kids' wardrobe Gif