DIY 3-seats sofa

GIF - DIY 3-seats sofa

A DIY sofa: easy, comfortable and affordable. A project which satisfies specific needs, but which works as an inspiration at the same time for your furniture renewal.

Resistant fir layers boards, PlayWood connectors and 4 wheels to locate it effortlessly.



PlayWood Projects DIY 3-seats sofa

To realize this project you need:

2 fir layers boards 150 x 55 cm - 59,06” x 21,65”
2 fir layers boards 55 x 55 cm - 21,65” x 21,65”
4 wheels Ø 16 cm (Ø 6,30”)
8 paddings 50 x 50 cm - 19,68” x 19,68”
12 connectors 90°
1 Allen key #5

Wooden panels have a thickness between 16 and 19 mm (3/4" and 7/8").

It's easy to make this project, start designing yours!

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PlayWood Projects DIY 3-seats sofa - Step 1

Fix the wheels on the biggest panel. After that, join the panels one another through PlayWood connectors system and as a last step, stick the paddings to the inner sides.

In few, simple steps, a design sofa which facilitates the apartment cleanings and the furniture's rotation.

PlayWood Projects DIY 3-seats sofa Gif